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NUZHUO 3~60 M3/H 150Bar 200 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Gas Booster Compressor For Medical

Short Description:


Inlet Pressure: 0.4MPA( G )

Exhaust Pressure: 3-200bar( adjustable)

Power consumption: 7.5-55KW/AC power

Oil free Piston Type

Gas compressor: O2, N2,H2, SF6, CO2, He, Ar, Air

  • Brand: NUZHUO
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, TUV, SGS Certificate Approved
  • After-Sale Service: Lifetime tech support & Dispatch Engineer & Video Meeting
  • Warranty: 1 Year, lifetime technology support
  • Salient Features: Nice Quality, Nice Price, Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance
  • Service: OEM & ODM Support
  • NUZHUO Supply: Oxygen concentrator, PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, Cryogenic ASU plant, Liquid Nitrogen & Oxygen Generator, Booster Compressor
  • Advantage : 20 Years manufacturing and exporting experience
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    Product Description

    Product Name
    Oxygen Booster Compressor
    Model No.
    GWX-3/ 5/10/20/40/60/80/CUSTOMIZE
    Flow Rate
    Power Range
    Discharge Pressure
    3~200Bar (adjustable)
    Inlet Pressure
    Cooling Method
    Air-cooling & water-cooling
    All Oil Free &  High Pressure & Piston Mode


    Control box (common electric control cabinet or PLC touch screen intelligent control cabinet can be selected)
     Start/stop button: start-stop control
    Emergency stop button: emergency stop
    Running indicator: running indicator
    Power indicator: power indicator
    Tired hours display meter: display working time
    All levels of temperature indicator: display all levels of exhaust temperature
    Over-temperature alarm: the exhaust temperature can be set, if the temperature exceeds the set value, an alarm
    Alarm record, alarm reset, restore factory settings function
    Maintenance instruction: alarm when the maintenance period is reached
    Motor overload and overheat protection devices are installed inside the control box
    Exhaust pressure setting: users can set the exhaust pressure by themselves within the allowable range

    Why Choose NUZHUO

    1. Cryogenic 50Nm3/h cryogenic oxygen production equipment ship to Ethiopia

    50 cubic meters of cryogenic oxygen was shipped to Ethiopia in December 2020. The equipment, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, has already arrived in the country. Under construction and installatio

    2. PSA oxygen generator

    We can supply full set PSA Oxygen Plant Line from air compressor system to oxygen booster compressor system. And we have sold our machine to many countries like India, Niger, Kazakhstan, Peru, Myanmar.

    Stationary and container version type, duplex model,following your personal require to design for you.

    3. Workshop

    Our precision designing makes our industrial gas systems reliable and efficient resulting in low operational costs. Being manufactured with high quality materials and components, our liquid oxygen plants lasts for a very long time requiring minimum maintenance. For our compliance with strict quality control measures, we have been awarded with acclaimed certifications like ISO 9001,ISO13485 and CE.

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  • Company Profile

    1. Full Experience: 20+ Years Manufacturing and Exporting Experience in ASU Field.

    2. Production Capability:100+ PSA Oxygen Plant Be Sold Per Month.
    3. Workshop Area: Our Factory Located in Tonglu District, Hangzhou, China, With 14000+ Square Meters, With 6 Production Lines, With 60Labors, With 3 Quality Inspectors, With 5 Excellent Engineers.
    4. Sales HQ Area: Our International trade depart With 25 Professional salesmen; With 1500+ Square Meters Area;
    5. After-sales Service: Online Technology Support & Video Meeting Support & Dispatch Engineer Support
    6. Warranty: 1 Year Guaranty Period, 1 Year Spare Parts With Factory Cost
    8. Our Advantage: Nice Quality! Nice Price! Nice Service!

    Certificate & NUZHUO

    Customers & NUZHUO


    Markets & NUZHUO

    customer map

    Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

    A: Firstly. we are a manufacturer, we have our own factory and engineers.
    Secondly, we have our own international trade teams to provide services for you.
    Thirdly, we provide the lifetime technology support and the best after-sale service.
    Q2: What is your term of payment?
    A: 30%T/T in advance and balance before shipment.
    B. 30% T/T in advance and Irrevocable L/C at Sight.
    C. Accept negotiation.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com

    Q3: How long is your delivery time?

    A: Depending on what type of machine you are purchased. Cryogenic ASU, the delivery time is at least 3 months. Cryogenic liquid plant, the delivery time is at least 5 months. Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com


    Q4: What is your product quality assurance policy?
    A: We offer a warranty period of 1 year, free lifetime technology support.
    B. Accept negotiation.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com

    Q5: Do you offer OEM/ODM service?
    A: Yes.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-13516820594, Lowry.Ye@hznuzhuo.com

    Q6: Does your product used or new? RTS product or customized product?

    A:Our machine is new unit, and following your specific require to design and make it.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com
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