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Medical Use

Oxygen generator use for Medical use. Medical oxygen is for patient many times a matter of life and death. Therefore a reliable source of medical oxygen in hospital is essential.


Fish take in oxygen through direct contact with water, and the issue of oxygen dissolution is an important factor in realizing the benefits of fish farming. Sufficient oxygen in the water at all times not only ensures growth, but also promotes the health, appetite and overall well-being of the fish. Oxygen also helps reduce the effects of temperature-induced stress on fish.



Many materials that are not normally combustible in air can combust in oxygen, so mixing oxygen with air greatly improves combustion efficiency in the steel, non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries. When mixed with fuel gas, it is widely used in cutting, welding, brazing and glass blowing, providing higher temperature than air combustion, thus improving efficiency.

Iron and steel industry

In the iron and steel industry, the delivery of oxygen or oxygen-added air to the steelmaking furnace through the blower can effectively increase the steel output and reduce the energy consumption. At the same time, oxygen will facilitate the conversion of carbon to carbon dioxide, which helps reduce iron oxides to purer iron compounds.



The treatment and cleaning of wastewater is a complex process in which oxygen plays an important role. Nuzhuo provides oxygen generators for biological filters and feed gas for ozone generators. Similar to ozone generators, biofilters require pure oxygen to be as efficient as possible.

Mining And Mineral Processing

In silver and gold extraction, oxygen is one of the key elements used in ore processing, such as pressurized oxidation and cyanation. Oxygen significantly improves recovery and ore production. Additionally, it reduces cyanide costs and waste.

Such mines are often located in remote areas, and separate oxygen generators are often difficult to transport and complex to install.