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NUZHUO Gas Oxygen Generator Hospital PSA 3-60Nm3/h Oxygen Plant Modular Oxygen Station

Short Description:

Adsorbent:   Zeolite Molecular Sieve

Application:  Industrial & Medical use

Technology:  Pressure swing adsorption

Easy Operating:  PLC intelligent control system

Accessory Equipment:  Air compressor, Booster, Air dryer, Filter, storage tank, etc

Advantage:  Rectification column, Desorption, Regeneration, Alternating cycle,etc

  • Brand: NUZHUO
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, TUV, SGS Certificate Approved
  • After-Sale Service: Lifetime tech support & Dispatch Engineer & Video Meeting
  • Warranty: 1 Year, lifetime technology support
  • Salient Features: Nice Quality, Nice Price, Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance
  • Service: OEM & ODM Support
  • NUZHUO Supply: Oxygen concentrator, PSA oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, Cryogenic ASU plant, Liquid Nitrogen & Oxygen Generator, Booster Compressor
  • Advantage : 20 Years manufacturing and exporting experience
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    Product Description

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    60Nm3/h PSA oxygen generator plant

    Model No.

    NZO- 3/5/10/15/2025/30/40/50/60

    Oxygen Production


    Oxygen Purity


    Oxygen Pressure


    Dew Point

    ≤-40 degree C


    Air compressor, Air purification system, PSA oxygen generator, booster, filling manifold etc




    PSA( pressure swing adsorption) oxygen production line, a full automatic system, oxygen purity is 93% to 95%. Producing oxygen for hospital use or filling cylinder, consisting of the following parts( pls check the followed figure).

            AIR COMPRESSOR
















    Advantage & Characteristics

    * Fully automated- systems are designed to work unattended.

    * PSA plants are compact taking little space, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.

    * Quick start-up time taking only 5 minutes to generate oxygen with desired purity.

    * Reliable for getting continuous and steady supply of oxygen.

    * Durable molecular sieves that last around 12 years.

    * The quality of molecular sieve used in PSA oxygen generator occupies a major position. Molecular sieve is the core of pressure swing adsorption. The superior performance and service life of molecular sieve have a direct impact on the stability of yield and purity.

    If you have any intersts to know more information, contact us: 0086-18069835230

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  • Company Profile

    1. Full Experience: 20+ Years Manufacturing and Exporting Experience in ASU Field.

    2. Production Capability:100+ PSA Oxygen Plant Be Sold Per Month.
    3. Workshop Area: Our Factory Located in Tonglu District, Hangzhou, China, With 14000+ Square Meters, With 6 Production Lines, With 60Labors, With 3 Quality Inspectors, With 5 Excellent Engineers.
    4. Sales HQ Area: Our International trade depart With 25 Professional salesmen; With 1500+ Square Meters Area;
    5. After-sales Service: Online Technology Support & Video Meeting Support & Dispatch Engineer Support
    6. Warranty: 1 Year Guaranty Period, 1 Year Spare Parts With Factory Cost
    8. Our Advantage: Nice Quality! Nice Price! Nice Service!

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    Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

    A: Firstly. we are a manufacturer, we have our own factory and engineers.
    Secondly, we have our own international trade teams to provide services for you.
    Thirdly, we provide the lifetime technology support and the best after-sale service.
    Q2: What is your term of payment?
    A: 30%T/T in advance and balance before shipment.
    B. 30% T/T in advance and Irrevocable L/C at Sight.
    C. Accept negotiation.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com

    Q3: How long is your delivery time?

    A: Depending on what type of machine you are purchased. Cryogenic ASU, the delivery time is at least 3 months. Cryogenic liquid plant, the delivery time is at least 5 months. Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com


    Q4: What is your product quality assurance policy?
    A: We offer a warranty period of 1 year, free lifetime technology support.
    B. Accept negotiation.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com

    Q5: Do you offer OEM/ODM service?
    A: Yes.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-13516820594, Lowry.Ye@hznuzhuo.com

    Q6: Does your product used or new? RTS product or customized product?

    A:Our machine is new unit, and following your specific require to design and make it.
    Welcome to have a contact with our salesman: 0086-18069835230, Lyan.ji@hznuzhuo.com
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