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Purity 99 Oxygen Station Oxygen Making Line Liquid Oxigen Plant Oxygen Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant

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1. Air Compressor: Air is compressed at a low pressure of 5-7 bar (0.5-0.7mpa)

2. Pre Cooling System: Cooling the temperature of air to around 12 deg C.

3. Purification of Air By Purifier: Twin molecular Sieve driers

4. Cryogenic Cooling of Air by Expander: Turbo expander cools the temperature of    air below -165 to-170 deg C.

5. Separation of Liquid Air into Oxygen and Nitrogen by Air Separation Column

6. Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen is stored in a Liquid Storage Tank

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Cryogenic air separation equipment

Model No.

NZDON- 5/10/20/40/60/80/CUSTOMIZED




Air compressor & Re- cooling system & Expander


High purity Oxygen & Nitrogen & Argon production machine

Air compressor systemImported centrifugal air compressor, high efficiency, low consumption, stable and reliable operation, can choose imported Atlas brandPurity2
Air Refrigerated unitThe original imported screw refrigeration compressor and the air-conditioning unit combined with all imported refrigeration components are equipped with a water separator, manual and imported automatic drains to drain water regularly.


Air purification systemThe purifier adopts a vertical single-layer bed with simple and reliable structure and low resistance loss; built-in filter, blowing off and purifier regeneration at the same time. High-efficiency electric heater to ensure complete regeneration of molecular sieve


Fractionator system (cold box)The heating, cooling, liquid accumulation and purification of the fractionation tower can be completed in one go, and the operation is simple, quick and simple. Adopt aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, aluminum convection sieve plate tower, the entire fractionation tower equipment pipeline adopts argon arc welding, the tower body and main pipeline in the cold box are made of high-strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel to increase the strength , Reduce the torsion damage of the pipeline. The equipment brackets, pipes and valve brackets in the cold box shall be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The cold box is insulated with pearl sand and slag wool to ensure that the loss of cold capacity is minimized. The cold box structure guarantees the overall strength and requirements of seismic and wind resistance, and guarantees the load-bearing capacity of the cold box. When the cold box is running, it is equipped with airtight protection and safety devices. The main equipment in the cold box is equipped with electrostatic grounding. The cold valve and pipeline in the cold box All connections are welded, and flange connections are avoided.

Turbo ExpanderThe turbo expander adopts gas bearing, which is simple and reliable, easy to operate, and high isentropic efficiency. The cold box of the expander is set separately for easy maintenance.


O2, N2, Ar compression pressurizing filling systemSingle gas production: internal compression process (low temperature liquid pump, high pressure vaporizer, filling row)Multi-gas production: external compression process (oxygen & nitrogen & argon booster, filling row)
Instrument and Electric Control SystemSiemens imported brand, fully automatic production system, digital control system
Equipment layout drawing (according to civil engineering design), process piping design drawings, instrument electrical design drawings, etc.


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