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Psa Oxygen Generation Plant 20m3 30m3 10m3 50m3 60m3 High Flow Hospital Medical Psa Oxigen plant for sale

Short Description:

Adsorbent: Zeolite Molecular Sieve
Application: Industrial & Medical use
Technology: Pressure swing adsorption
Easy Operating: PLC intelligent control system
Accessory Equipment: Air compressor, Booster, Air dryer, Filter, storage tank, etc
Advantage: Rectification column, Desorption, Regeneration, Alternating cycle,etc

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We construct oxygen plant for cylinder filling with best materials and components. We customize the plants as per customer requirements and local conditions. We stand out in the industrial gas market we offer the best combination of cost and efficiency our systems. Being fully automated, the plants can run unattended and can also perform remote diagnostic troubleshooting. Precision designing increases efficiency and lowers power consumption thereby saving significant proportion of bills on operational and maintenance costs. Moreover, return on investment of our onsite oxygen systems is excellent allowing the customers to break even within two years.

Product Description

Product Name PSA oxygen generator plant
Model No. NZO- 3/5/10/15/2025/30/40/50/60
Oxygen Production 5~200Nm3/h
Oxygen Purity 70~93%
Oxygen Pressure 0~0.5Mpa
Dew Point ≤-40 degree C
Component Air compressor, Air purification system, PSA oxygen generator, booster, filling manifold etc

Product Secification

1.Air Separation Unit with normal temperature molecular sieves purification, booster-turbo expander, low-pressure rectification column, and argon extraction system according to client's requirement.
2. According to the product requirement, external compression,internal compression (air boost,nitrogen boost), self- pressurization and other processes can be offered.
3.Blocking structure design of ASU, quick installation on site.
4.Extra low pressure process of ASU which reduce air compressor exhaust pressure and operation cost.
5.Advanced argon extraction process and higher argon extraction rate.


1:The design principle of this plant is to ensure safety, energy saving and easy operation and maintenance. The technology is leading position in the world.
A:Buyer needs lots of liquid production, so we supply middle pressure air recycle process to save the investment and power consumption.
B:We adopts recycle air compressor and high, low tempt. expansion process to save power consumption.
2:It adopts DCS computer control technology to control main panel, local panel at the same time. This system can monitor the entire process of the plant.



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