For donating purpose, 3 sets container type 60nm3/h PSA oxygen plant settled in the 40 feet container. When the customers receive the equipment support to use directly. And which can be moved following user’s requirement, do not influence the using of our machine.

Another style, that is NZO-3, NZO-5, NZO-10, NZO-15,NZO-20, those oxygen system can be installed in 20 feet container. Hot selling capacity with 30nm3/h production which need 40 feet container.

The style of oxygen generator that is skip mounted style, air compressor, air purification system, air buffer, A&B adsorption tower, oxygen buffer, oxygen booster placed side by side on the side of the container, and another side the filling manifold will be welded on the container, which support to put oxygen cylinders.

The container have to reserve advanced, if you have interest in containerized oxygen generator for medical use, pls dont be hesitate to contact me.
NZO-30-9 NZO-30-10 NZO-30-11

Post time: Aug-31-2021