Oxygen output:25Nm³/H
All connecting pipes are made of stainless steel
2000L air tank, 1500L oxygen tank
The oxygen analyzer adopts zirconium base type
WWY25-4-150 oxygen booster; Five inflatable heads oxygen manifold
Date of delivery: 10 sets without supercharger will be delivered in 10 working days, and the remaining 60 working days.

Our oxygen generator is used in hospitals because the installation of oxygen gas generator on-site helps the hospitals to produce their own oxygen and stop their dependency on oxygen cylinders bought from the market. With our oxygen generators, the industries and medical institutions are able to get uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Our company uses cutting-edge technology in the making of the oxygen machinery.

PSA oxygen generator plant is fabricated using advanced Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. As is well-known, oxygen constitutes around 20-21% of atmospheric air. PSA oxygen generator used Zeolite molecular sieves to separate the oxygen from the air. Oxygen with high purity is delivered whereas the nitrogen absorbed by the molecular sieves is directed back into the air through the exhaust pipe.


Post time: Jul-03-2021